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Thoroughly entertaining and thoughtful

A great premise for a podcast—really entertaining! It’s also a timely reminder of how critical thinking and the scientific method works, and a great example of how people with different opinions can come together for good-natured, lively discussion. And I’ve gotten answers to my own question about why we want to believe.


I love this podcast! The chemistry between the hosts is perfect. And, though the episodes are hilarious and highly entertaining, I'm really learning some stuff too! Please keep it up, you've made a podcast believer out of me!

Hundred Percent Love It!

What do you get when you put a paranormal enthusiast and a science-minded skeptic in the same studio? An awesomely awesome podcast, that’s what! The chemistry between the hosts is every bit as enjoyable as the informative content. It’s like hanging out with two of your smartest friends.

Hot and Smart

Loooove this podcast. It's totally engaging and funny, and you definitely learn quite a bit regardless of whether you're a skeptic, believer or somewhere in between.

One hundred percent dope!

History of the paranormal... the myths, the legends, and the scientific counter arguments. I learned so much. It’s probably the fungus...

Zero Percent Scared

These two are truly hysterical! I love the show and can not wait for more to come out. Thank you for this, we need to hear more brilliance of this kind in this current time of idiots and madmen.

Love it!

This is a great listen! I love the banter between Kelly and Sarah. As a scientist, I tend to be very skeptical, but I love hearing Sarah’s explanation of things that I consider “woo.” Kelly is also really respectful of Sarah’s perspectives and explanations, which I think makes their conversations informative for everyone, and really enjoyable to listen to. I can’t wait for more!

Eager to Hear More

I love this. I don’t even like podcasts and I love this. These ladies are hilarious and interesting. I’m so looking forward to the next episodes!!!

Interesting and funny!!

This is so great, the content is super interesting and the hosts are hilarious! Loving it! Can’t wait for more episodes