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EPISODE 48: La Llorona and her fireball fang baby

Join us today for a terrifying, depressing and somehow funny voyage into all things La Llorona — aka ‘the weeping woman’,...

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EPISODE 47: Bizarro News Roundup

In another solo episode, Sarah reads the strangest shiz sometimes, and lucky you, she shares it this week. Join us and...

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EPISODE 46: Mass Hysteria!!!

Today we explore the insane, disturbing and occasionally frickin adorable world of mass psychogenic disorders, aka Mass Hysteria. Meowing nuns, dancing...

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EPISODE 45: Ed and Lorraine Warren, a diabolically adorable couple

Today Sarah gives us a solo look at Ed and Lorraine Warren, the original ghost busters! They’re also the most adorable...

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EPISODE 44: Listener Stories take 2

We have SO MANY AWESOME listening ghost stories for you on our second listener stories episode. Thanks everyone for writing in...

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A  paranormal podcast, featuring a Believer, A Scientist, and the things that go bump in the night. 

Sarah Cox and Dr. Kelly Ruggles explore the tales and the truth behind all things strange and unexplained–join them as they laugh, drink, argue, and get pushed outside their comfort zones.