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EPISODE 39: Ed, make me an alien love castle!

Coral Castle is a relatively unknown marvel of the world, in the dangly part of Florida, made by a tiny malnourished...

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EPISODE 38: Get in the canoe, Steve! (The lost colony of Roanoke)

Happy Thanksgiving to all you awesome people! To celebrate, we’re covering the Lost Colony of Roanoke and what sounds like a...

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EPISODE 37: Ghostly Love Hugs

Guardian angels are rad, even if they’re just hallucinations from the temporoparietal junction. Say yes to ghostly love hugs, no to...

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EPISODE 36: Black Eyed Rude AF Kids!!

Guys, eyes are the CREEPIEST. Do you know what’s creepier than just normal eyes? Giant iris black eyes. On children. Like...

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EPISODE 35: Bunnyman, Bunnyman, Bunnyman!

According to the internet, every single bridge is haunted. But the most haunted of the bridges is definitely bunnyman bridge. Sounds...

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EPISODE 34: Let’s Do Clowns Tonight

First of all: HAPPY HALLOWEEN MY PEOPLE! Second: It’s unanimous, nobody likes clowns. Or Disney World. OK fine that last one...

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A  paranormal podcast, featuring a Believer, A Scientist, and the things that go bump in the night. 

Sarah Cox and Dr. Kelly Ruggles explore the tales and the truth behind all things strange and unexplained–join them as they laugh, drink, argue, and get pushed outside their comfort zones.