EPISODE 5: Get it together, Spirits!

Should Kelly burn an Ouija board? Should Sarah chill the eff out and let Kelly burn an Ouija board?

Sarah’s note – no, friends don’t let friends become possessed by evil.

On this episode, we cover the history of the scariest piece of cardboard in existence — the OUIJA BOARD! Join us for disturbing tales of people consumed by Ouija board addiction, and stay for the fascinating science! 

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Kelly’s science links:
Other things we talk about in the episode:

EPISODE 4: Murder House Hypothesis

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On today’s minisode, Kelly gives us the lowdown on the scientific method. Tune in to learn what a real-life scientist thinks about tiny invisible unicorns, murder houses, and how we would prove a house was haunted.

Bill Gates, if you’re listening, we will gladly accept funding for this study.

Links we talk about:

Tiny Invisible Unicorns where??


The Journal of Parapsychology!!!


How to hunt ghosts:


Ghost hunting gear for our experiment


Most Haunted, which Sarah likes a lot:


EPISODE 3: Heal Me, Crystals!

Can crystals cure a coma? Does putting porous rocks in your genitals increase your sex drive? Can amber necklaces reduce teething pain? Was Sarah a gem-stealing adolescent? Listen to hear answers to these questions and more!

Ruggles Mine: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruggles_Mine

Permanently closed! 🙁

Natural History Museum Morgan Memorial Hall of Gems

Closed for renovation (as of 2/27/19)

Crystal Healing study

Infused Crystal water (that even Sarah thinks is dumb) 

Spray with Essence (WTF??) 

Crystals for Beginners by Karen Frazier

Check out Kelly’s present, don’t be jealous: 

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EPISODE 2: Werewolf Community Board (Werewolves, part 2)

Do werewolves have meetings to discuss how to avoid human detection? When will one go rogue? (Kelly’s note: Never, because they’re not real).

In this episode, we continue the creepy canine theme with an introduction to the DOGMAN! They are eeeeeeverywhere! 

Dogman eyewitness drawings (via the North American Dogman Project)

Real Wolfmen: True Encounters in Modern America by Linda S Godfrey. Totally good read, enjoy!

You can find Linda Godfrey’s blog here.

And, apparently a possum WILL give you the middle finger if provoked. 

Hosted bySarah Cox and Kelly Ruggles

Produced by: Jenny Tidball, Sparrow Sounds Studio

EPISODE 1: Bring it, Skinwalkers (Werewolves part 1)

Are werewolves just lonely lions? Should Kelly stop instigating skinwalkers? Does mold cause everything paranormal?

In this episode, we discuss the history of werewolves and the mysterious details of the Beast of Gevaudan’s reign of TERROR!

Links, discussion topics, and diseases you SHOULD NOT GOOGLE below!