EPISODE 15: The Curse of Bathsheba Ruggles

Has Kelly been cursed by her murderous ancestor, Bathsheba? And if so did her over the top witch ceremony lift the curse for her and all the Ruggles women? For once we both agree – definitely real! Also, we spill the tea on epigenetics! 


Bathsheba Ruggles Spooner!

Noah the creepy drunken grandpa 

Nepalese royal family curse – seriously WTF!! 

The Kennedy Family Curse

Lore (the TV version) lobotomy episode (Season 1, Episode 2), “Echos”

Bruce Lee’s Curse

Transgenerational Epigenetic Inheritance: Bowers and Yehuda 2016 review: Intergenerational Transmission of Stress in humans

Horstheemke 2018 A critical view on transgenerational inheritance in humans

EPISODE 14: Luck of the Irish…and that one Croation dude

Do you think you’re a lucky person? Apparently, we both think we are! Sarah is clearly lucky because of her commitment to superstitions and lucky charms and Kelly‘s luck is I guess is just because she’s Irish? 

Stuff we discuss:

Irish people and luck: Apparently it comes from the fact that many of the most successful minors during the gold and silver rush were Irish and Irish American. Also apparently the phrase is meant to ridicule Irish folks since it had to be luck and not smarts. Screw you 19th-century racists!

Bill Morgan and his crazy luck rollercoaster. 

Luck lab and the lottery

Roy Sullivan Human Lightning Rod (so weird and also sad).

Frane Selak, is he lucky, unlucky, we can’t figure it out?!?

Superstition ScienceDamisch et al. 2010

Hot hand fallacy: Xu and Harvey 2014

The Luck Factor: The Scientific Study of the Lucky Mind (Richard Wiseman)

Why are these people lucky?

It’s A SIMULATION! Well at least this one is. Luck simulation science!

EPISODE 12: Watch Bray Road Beast with us!

This experimental minisode has us live watching the documentary “The Bray Road Beast”. We have a cute dog in attendance and wine on hand, so listen up then go get the dang thing and watch! 

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this episode (like it, hate it, love it, never do it again?) so email us: stories@zeropercentscared.com

Link to the documentary:


Lyle Blackburn, kind of a big deal: 

Linda Godfrey links:
Her blog
And her Amazon page

What do Americans believe about Satan?


EPISODE 11: Real Life Incredibles

This week, we try and recover from the bummer of satanic panic with superpowers! Super smellers, folks who are strong AF, bones that never break, perfect memories and mega-athletes to name a few. We also talk about a whole mess of genetics, get excited people. 

Stuff we talked about:

EPISODE 10: The Total Absurdity of the Satanic Panic

This episode was sort of a bummer, sorry folks.

Major take homes: the Satanic Panic was bonkers, go nuts with the heavy metal and DnD, and our memories, for the most part, suck.  

On this minisode, we talk about the 80s Satanic Panic and how insane and unjust it was. Also, some deeply cool science about memory and the risks of listening to smooth jazz.

Stuff we discussed:

Vox article on the Satanic Panic

Heartbreaking Texas Monthly article on Dan and Fran Keller

The Satanic Temple (a political advocacy group)

Totally ridiculous videos of backmasking

Enstrom and Schmaltz “A walk on the Wild Side: The Impact of Music on Risk-Taking Likelihood

Baker and Brown “Suicide, self harm and survival strategies in contemporary heavy metal music: a cultural and literary analysis” 2016

The Devil Wears Headphones: A Brief History of Baskmasking by Bill Demain

A Short History of the Rise, Fall and Rise of Subliminal Messaging by Victoria Stern

False Memory of Dr. Elizabeth Loftus and Human Memory by Lindsay Dogson

EPISODE 9: Love Spells are a Hard No

Everyone wanted to be a witch in middle school, am I right? Also, who wants to help design a science experiment to measure the global consciousness effects on reality? Come on! You know you want to.

This episode Sarah and Kelly discuss magical spells and whether they have any effect on reality. Sarah uses science words to prove MAYBE!

4:57 — it’s called a paper fortune teller, chatterbox or cootie catcher (what!?). Here’s how to make em!

Witches binding Trump 

Real Magic by Dr. Dean Radin

Drowning with Gillyweed 


The Global Consciousness Project

Shutulman and Morgan. 2017 The explanatory structure of unexplainable events: Causal constraints on magical reasoning 

Police arresting a big goat! 


EPISODE 8: Don’t Buy Haunted Houses, Nic!

What do Nicolas Cage and serial killer Delphine LaLaurie have in common? A shared (haunted) residence in New Orleans, of course!

On Today’s minisode, hear a recap of Sarah’s spooky trip, the best of New Orleans paranormal and quality Nic Cage trivia. 

Stuff we discussed:

Nic Cage terrorized by a fudgesicle

Nic Cage’s weird Letterman interview (please don’t dose pets, people, for the love)

Great tours in New Orleans! Highly recommended!

Marie Laveau, one of the coolest ladies in history.

The horrible and haunted LaLaurie Mansion

EPISODE 7: Houdini for President

On this week’s episode, we talk about something we actually agree on – how awesome Harry Houdini is!  Hardcore skeptic and illusionist extraordinaire, listen to hear why we love him so — with ADORABLE ANIMAL STORIES! 
Shout out! Adventure zone D&D podcast: 
Houdini Drunk History episode: 
Harry Houdini museum: 
Harry Houdini wand ceremony: 
A magician among the spirits (by none other!): 
Wild about Houdini blog: 

EPISODE 6: Possession…it’ll make your head spin

Minisode #2 continues the Ouija theme from last week. This week we present:  A scary college Ouija tale courtesy of our good friend Manny, plus the terrifying TRUE story that inspired the movie THE EXORCIST!

Never fear skeptics, we’ve got the lowdown on excorcism science as well! 

Joining us today is a mystery guest Medical Doctor, standing in for Kelly Ruggles.

Stuff we discuss:

The exorcism of Roland Doe

Can spirits use telephones?


Placebo Controls, Exorcism, and the Devil