EPISODE 23: Vampires, corpses, and our freaky AF circulatory system

Does anyone actually believe in vampires? No, right? Well if you do, don’t worry, eBay and goop have you covered with vampire hunting kits and anti-vamp elixir! Thanks Gwyneth! 

On this episode we discuss the insane vampire panics in Eastern Europe!

FYI this is the last episode released Monday mornings — we are moving to Thursday mornings! Keep it in mind and get pumped people.

Vampire bats in Brazil

Vampire moths

Gwyneth’s dumb anti-vampire elixir

Vampire hunting equipment

Lillith was a weird vampire, or something?

Croatian Vampires!

Cemetery full of vampires!



German Documentary about vampires (ugh)

Lore TB Episode

EPISODE 22: Buffy VS Twilight (answer: Buffy)

This went from a conversation about TV to a giant feminist rant so get excited people.

Main question for the listeners: Are straight women actually super into being stalked by pasty emo dudes? Please tell us, we want to understand you!

Reminder: We’re going to be changing our release schedule, from Monday mornings to Thursday morning.

Buffy top list: 
Kelly’s Faves: 
1. Tabula Rasa (S6 E8)
2. Once more with feeling (S6 E7)
3. Smashed (S6 E9)
4.  I only have eyes for you (S2 E19)
5. Halloween (S2 E6)
6. Dopplegangland (S3 E16)
7. The wish (S3 E9)
8. Hush (S4 E10)
Sarah’s Faves: 
1. Teachers pet (S1 E4)
2. Puppet show (S1 E9)
3. School hard (S2 E3)
4. Innocence (S2 E14)
5. Hush (S4 E10)
6. Out of mind, out of sight (S1 E11)
7. Chosen (S7 E22)

EPISODE 12: Watch Bray Road Beast with us!

This experimental minisode has us live watching the documentary “The Bray Road Beast”. We have a cute dog in attendance and wine on hand, so listen up then go get the dang thing and watch! 

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Link to the documentary:


Lyle Blackburn, kind of a big deal: 

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What do Americans believe about Satan?


EPISODE 11: Real Life Incredibles

This week, we try and recover from the bummer of satanic panic with superpowers! Super smellers, folks who are strong AF, bones that never break, perfect memories and mega-athletes to name a few. We also talk about a whole mess of genetics, get excited people. 

Stuff we talked about:

EPISODE 5: Get it together, Spirits!

Should Kelly burn an Ouija board? Should Sarah chill the eff out and let Kelly burn an Ouija board?

Sarah’s note – no, friends don’t let friends become possessed by evil.

On this episode, we cover the history of the scariest piece of cardboard in existence — the OUIJA BOARD! Join us for disturbing tales of people consumed by Ouija board addiction, and stay for the fascinating science! 

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