Haunted Houses

EPISODE 44: Listener Stories take 2

We have SO MANY AWESOME listening ghost stories for you on our second listener stories episode. Thanks everyone for writing in and please keep the stories coming! Dolls, dog, football, cat, door, floor, lamp.

Email us stories! I MEAN IT, mail us! stories@zeropercentscared.com


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EPISODE 40: Winchester Mansion

And the “Most Amazing House in the Galaxy” award goes to… the Winchester Mystery House! But from what we can tell, probably not haunted. Ghosts, what are you waiting for? Move into this joint.

Prime. Real. Estate.

EPISODE 8: Don’t Buy Haunted Houses, Nic!

What do Nicolas Cage and serial killer Delphine LaLaurie have in common? A shared (haunted) residence in New Orleans, of course!

On Today’s minisode, hear a recap of Sarah’s spooky trip, the best of New Orleans paranormal and quality Nic Cage trivia. 

Stuff we discussed:

Nic Cage terrorized by a fudgesicle

Nic Cage’s weird Letterman interview (please don’t dose pets, people, for the love)

Great tours in New Orleans! Highly recommended!

Marie Laveau, one of the coolest ladies in history.

The horrible and haunted LaLaurie Mansion