EPISODE 1: Bring it, Skinwalkers (Werewolves part 1)

Are werewolves just lonely lions? Should Kelly stop instigating skinwalkers? Does mold cause everything paranormal?

In this episode, we discuss the history of werewolves and the mysterious details of the Beast of Gevaudan’s reign of TERROR!

Links, discussion topics, and diseases you SHOULD NOT GOOGLE below!

 Rabies movies: WARNING! This is VERY hard to watch. 


Porphyria image: Also pretty upsetting


Drugs that cause hypertrichosis: From Wikipedia!

Several medications can cause generalized or localized acquired hypertrichosis including:

  • Anticonvulsants: phenytoin;
  • Immunosuppressants: cyclosporine;
  • Vasodilators: diazoxide and minoxidil;
  • Antibiotics: streptomycin;
  • Diuretics: acetazolamide;
  • Photosensitizers: Psoralen.

Pic of a Sub-adult male lion  – but does it look like a werewolf?

When the Beast of Gevaudan Terrorized France: an article from the Smithsonian!

Bullets made of tears  So, so weird.

Toms with DNA  (not sponsored)