June 10, 2019

17: Ghosts, mold, and those gd physicists

17: Ghosts, mold, and those gd physicists

So Many Haunted Houses

Most people believe in ghosts, but is it just wishful thinking? Or are we all just living in moldy, infrasound ridden houses with a creepy neighbor who pops in to freak out children?

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Massapequa Hell House

The super duper haunted Borley Rectory "The most haunted house in England"

Has the Large Hadron Collider Disproved the Existence of Ghosts?

The Ghost in the Machine 

Villisca Ax Murder House

EVPs from the Ax Murder House

Fear Frequency - a youtube channel featuring infrasound!

Carbon Monoxide and Haunted Feelings

Shane Rogers, Mold/Ghost hunter

The "Haunt" Project

The Science and Logic of Ghosts