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EPISODE 55: Imaginary Friends (Definitely Demons)

Hey all fellow quarrantinos! Are you lonely? Wishing you had an imaginary friend right about now? Well, after listening to today’s...

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EPISODE 54: Beware the Basement

Hi everyone? Coping well with the quarantine?  Cool, us neither. Well, as palliative care, join us this episode as we regale...

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EPISODE 53: Wendigos and much needed hugs

Hey folks! How’s your social isolation going? Seeing squirrels carrying sacks marching around your house yet? Craving hugs as much as...

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EPISODE 52: Parasitic Half Life (aka the virus episode)

In a unfortunately timely episode, we talk about the fact that viruses are essentially magic. Dark. Science. Magic.  Everyone be safe...

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EPISODE 51: Alien Butt Bullets (Alien Implants)

Today we are going straight to the good stuff and talking Alien Implants with our fave M.D., Dr. Mysteryface! She is...

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EPISODE 50: Leave a message at the boooOOOOooop! aka EVPs

WHAT?? We’re up to 50 episodes! You guys! Thanks so much for listening! Join us for another solo episode by Sarah...

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A  paranormal podcast, featuring a Believer, A Scientist, and the things that go bump in the night. 

Sarah Cox and Dr. Kelly Ruggles explore the tales and the truth behind all things strange and unexplained–join them as they laugh, drink, argue, and get pushed outside their comfort zones.